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100% Botanical Ingredients

Every single ingredient in our natural deodorant is either a plant or a aluminum, no triclosan, no parabens, no nothing that you wouldn't want on your skin. Only natural plant and probiotic goodness. We have always been - and always will be - committed to only using natural and healthy ingredients. Find out more about our ingredients here.

Deodorant That Really Works

When Caitlin began making deodorants, she was doing so just for herself. Therefore, that it needed to work was a given. Since then, we've received so much unsolicited, positive feedback from people who love these deodorants...You can read some of their comments here.


Our deodorants contain exclusively plant and probiotic ingredients. While probiotics can be cultured on dairy products (such as the lactobacillus in yogurt), those that we use are cultured on plant materials. We use no animal products, not even beeswax, in making our products. Therefore, our deodorants are completely vegan.

Cruelty Free

Our natural deodorants are cruelty free products. We never test on animals -- we would never even consider it! In fact, we do our best to be as gentle and conscientious with every creature that we encounter, whether animal, human, big, or small. (Everyone wants to be happy! And we want to help make that happen.)

For Both Women and Men

The soothing fragrance of our natural deodorants is derived completely from essential oils -- our deodorants are synthetic-fragrance-free! We have options perfect for both men and women. Varieties include:

Note that the essential oil fragrance does not linger long after application. Perhaps some wish the pleasing scents stayed longer -- many others have said they are glad to have a fragrance (and odor!) free day.


Our deodorants work, in part, because of the high quality of our essential oils. Essential oils prevent body odor with their antimicrobial and deodorizing ability. Therefore, in order for our deodorant to be effective, it is key that we use only highest quality essential oils. Because of this, our deodorants are also aromatherapeutic.

Among many attributes:

High Quality, Organic, Healthy Ingredients

We are committed to using only ingredients that are both natural and healthy. (We apply deodorant daily and therefore want it to contribute to our wellbeing!) Some natural ingredients are not helpful to the skin. For instance, alcohol is a common ingredient in natural deodorant sprays: we choose not to use it because it can be troublesome to some. Instead of alcohol, our deodorants are primarily organic, IASC certified aloe vera juice. In choosing to use only ingredients that benefit skin, we've created a very nourishing product.

Environmentally Sustainable

We operate off-the-grid: our electricity comes from the sun through solar panels, water comes from the sky off of our roof, and, in the winter, heat comes from fallen trees on our property. For shipping, we use recycled and re-used shipping materials. (No need to throw any packing peanuts away!) We value being gentle on the earth.